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Customs: Ten Years of Userfriendly.org

Today I finally got my six pounds worth of userfriendly.org. My copy of Ten Years of Userfriendly.org arrived.

It could have been here earlier. Customs, however, delayed the delivery for some days. I first had to state the content and monetary value of the parcel I was about to receive from Jamaica, NY. They wanted to collect some customs duty. After a phone call, asking them whether I really had to show up there, I faxed them a copy of the bill and my credit card statement. I do not own a fax machine, usually I’d rather write an e-mail. But they were a bit reluctant when I asked for an e-mail address. So I used the web fax service http://simple-fax.de. The first two pages after registration are free, thank you very much!

And finally, I ordered the book on the December 6, it was shipped on my birthday, December 30, and I got the notification about the customs declaration on January 15, finally, I have it in my hands.

The strangest thing, though, there was a sticker on the parcel. A customs declaration filled out by the guys from amazon.com. It clearly says there is a new book in here for that the customer paid 55.23 US Dollars including the postage. So, why did I have to send them the exact same information? On the bright sight, I did not have to pay any duties at all. They could have asked for the VAT, but that would have been some thing like 2.70 Euros. Too little to justify filling out a multi-page form.

Even before I have read the book (ok, I already know most of the comic strips) I can can say: You should get your own copy. This guy, Illiad, has published a comic strip each day for, now, almost 11 years. Many, many times he was able to lift my spirits. He really deserves a little appreciation.