Skimmed: Counterexamples in Analysis

The problem with ordering your books online instead of browsing the shelves of a bricks and mortar bookstore is that you may end up with a disappointment. And, if you are ordering in bulk you may well exceed the time allowed for sending the book back for a refund before you have your first look at it. This is was happened to me here. Though it may have been unlikely to find the book on a shelf of any traditional book store.

Counterexamples in Analysis is an enumeration of a long list of curious mathematical terms that have one property but not another that is usually implied by the first. Apart from introducing some notation this is pretty much it: a list of mathematical terms without any embellishment. Certainly not a book that anyone would or should read cover to cover. Hence, I put it down and on my shelf after about the first 10% or so. There is a lot to learn in this little book. Yet, I do not think I can appreciate this rather bare list.