eBook: Last experience with Sony Reader

About four years ago I bought a Sony Portable Reader System PRS-505, also known as the Sony Reader. This week I made my last experience with it. The screen suddenly featured a large rectangular area where it does not show anything anymore. It just broke.

I liked the Reader for the nice reading experience it provided. Any time I was travelling I had it with me to save some weight – the books that I would have otherwise carried with me. In the beginning I also read RSS feeds from blogs and newspapers on my daily train commute to the office with the Reader. For this I have switched to a tablet some time ago. This allows me to share interesting article via twitter, facebook, or email too. Yet, I always preferred the e-Ink screen for longer texts, novels.

I expected to use the Reader much longer. Its aluminium case implied a certain durability that more recent e-readers with their plastic bodies do not imply. So I was quite annoyed and disappointed.

Nevertheless, as there is a week of vacation ahead, a week of planned reading at the beach, I needed a replacement. After all I still do not want to carry all the books with me… Hence due to favorable ratings and comments online I first chose the kobo glo as the Reader’s successor and then on a whim, at the shop, decided to buy its successor the kobo aura instead.

So far, after one day, the experience is quite good. It is fast, features a backlight, a slightly bigger screen, wifi connectivity (though I guess I will not buy at the kobo online shop soon, the prices are a bit steep), and a lot more memory than my old Reader. It works flawlessly with calibre and is now loaded with all the books that were already on my Reader. Let’s see how well it will serve my reading needs…