Read: The Ambassador's Mission

There is never too much of a good thing. And so authors tend to write sequels to their successful works. Better yet, they announce multi-volume sequels, series rather. After all, what is an effective means for generating profits in the film industry should also work in print.

Canavan consequently is writing on her second Black Magician trilogy. The first volume is already in paperback: The Ambassador’s Mission. Now, it is some two decades of the war (Don’t mention the war.) the original cast of the Black Magician trilogy has assumed new roles; still you recognize them very well. Unfortunately this may already hint at a weakness this novel has: You have to recognize the characters, you have to know their history, you have to know a lot about the world, the setting this novel uses. Unless you know all this several things will leave you dumbfounded. For instance, though it is made very clear that a Black Magician is something special, you are not really told why and what all this higher magic is. Central as it is for the story, you have to know this in advance.

Luckily, I did read all the sequels. Thus, I was able to enjoy the novel that while being tied in with the earlier story plots of the previous novels brings a new perspective (oh, the perspectives change quite often) and a plot of its own, several of them actually. Hence, I am waiting for volume two… (the hardcover is already out, I am waiting for the paperback.)