Read: Angel Fire East

With Angel Fire East Terry Brooks continues his rather dark pre-apocalyptic fantasy series of The Word and The Void, a kind of prequel to his Shannara cash cow. It tells basically of the same characters and the same struggle as the two novels that came before: Running with the Demon and A Knight of the Word. While there was a significant development of characters in the first two installments, no such thing happens here. Also, the female protagonist’s commendable community service pales against the worthy cause that was the center piece to which Brooks directed the readers’ attention in A Knight of the Word.

Though still a work that provides some diversion and, yes, entertains it is all too skillful and leaves an impression of mass production. Indeed Brooks seems to re-cycle ideas from his other contract work. Angel Fire East ends with an understanding that there will be a child born of magic, a savior to The Word who will bring balance to the Force. The same year Angel Fire East was published, 1999, Terry Brooks published the novelization of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace as well. And this joint theme is just too much of a coincidence.