Read: The Magician's Apprentice

Only in 2007 I stumbled upon Trudi Canavan’s debut series The Black Magician trilogy featuring a young girl with a natural talent for magic. I liked this series a lot. Yet, I did not touch Canavan’s second trilogy Age of the Five. I do not really know why. The Magician’s Apprentice, however, drew my attention again as it is a prequel to The Black Magician trilogy.

Canavan either has a very good editor or is just a great writer. The book’s 750 pages are being read in no time (I have just read the paperback). The plot has some similarities with that of the original trilogy. The most obvious is, of course, the main character being again a young girl with a natural talent for magic. Nevertheless, the story is not only sufficiently original it is so intriguing that I had to lend the book to my fiancee who happened to catch a glimpse of just a few pages.

I am already looking forward to the sequel, The Traitor Spy trilogy.