Read: The Atlantis Code

Not exactly as advertised – The Atlantis Code does not take anyone to a new level of mystery, wonder, adventure nor excitement – it is still quite entertaining. In fact, I might even buy the next installment of the protagonist’s escapades. As far as I understand Brokaw’s next novel announced for this year will feature the same protagonist.

Brokaw’s characters need a little more depth, especially the villains and supporting characters. His protagonist seems a little too awkward in coping with his female companions given his background. Though, I liked the existence of a strong counter-balancing female character. The different characters’ motivation is clear, there is no wondering where all the money for all the travelling and hotels is coming from. These are some of the novel’s positive features that cannot always be taken for granted.

The conclusion of The Atlantis Code is a bit anti-climatic. All the interesting things get destroyed or are spirited away and stashed in some secret place by the Church. The Garden of Eden - Atlantis - Tower of Babel link was, however, rather original. To my taste, Brokaw could have elaborated this even in more detail. In sum, the novel is a rather respectable debut feature.