Read: A Knight of the Word

I read Terry Brooks’ Landover series some years ago – more like a decade ago actually. I liked the witty humor, the cross over from the real world to the fantasy realm that reminded me a little bit of Rick Cook's Wizardry series that I just loved. Then I read Running with the Demon that was … different.

A Knight of the Word continues what began in Running with the Demon. It is a rather dark fantasy novel in which fairy creatures populate our world. A world in which the ultimate struggle between good and evil is causing a lot of collateral damage among the unsuspecting “normal” people.

En passant Brooks dedicates his novel to a worthy cause as the backdrop of the story deals with a fight to end homelessness.

This is all fine. The novel is tantalizing, the unveiling of the real evil is not too obvious. Brooks focuses on just a few characters, he builds the plot slowly and allows for sufficient space and time to depict the emotional distress his protagonists have to endure. All very skillful. Yet, I am still a bit upset. I am upset because I just learned that the Word and Void trilogy is not just a that: a trilogy. It is a part of Brooks’ Shannara series. And I do not like the idea to stop after finishing the third novel of the Word and Void trilogy when it is a just small part of a much larger work. The problem is, I did not want to start yet another series that will take forever to finish.