Read: Sahara

It was time for another Cussler Novel to shorten my train trips. This one, Sahara, is even available as a major motion picture. Yeah right, I almost forgot that there really was a Dirk Pitt movie. And having now read some of the Dirk Pitt Novels I am not so happy with the movie’s cast. They do not really fit my mental picture of Dirk or Al or Sandecker. Nevertheless, I have to re-watch the movie now.

Sahara shows more environmental consciousness than most Dirk Pitt Novels so far. In this respect it is closer to the Kurt Austin Novels by Cussler and Kemprecos. A series that started in about 1999 (when the first Kurt Austin book was published) or 2000 (when the its story takes place) and therefore about four (fictional time line) to seven (real time between publications) years later than Sahara.

Sahara is really nice entertainment. It has every typical element of a Cussler novel, the hero saves the day a scores with another intelligent beauty. Some incredible coincidences and another classic car for Pitt’s private collection. I think, the writing style has improved over the last few books. So I will keep reading on…