Read: Otherland vol. 1: City of Golden Shadow

First, I hate cliff hangers. After you have read 900+ pages you still don’t know how the story ends, how everything connects. It’s just annoying. Having said this, Tad Williams' Otherland (vol. 1) is some nice piece of entertaining science fiction literature. It, at first, reminded me a bit of Stephenson’s Snow Crash. Much of the story happens in virtual reality, and national states are not as important as industrial conglomerates.

However, there is really not much of a story. This first of four volumes just introduces the characters and the backdrop. On 930 pages, damn it.

Yes, I felt entertained. Yes, Williams' writing style is nice, readable. Yes, I somewhat liked what I have read. No, I don’t know whether I will buy the next volume. Maybe I will get it as a gift as part of my next Advent calendar this year.