Read: Deep Storm

Slowly, very slowly I work through my to-read shelf. Child’s Deep Storm must have been sitting there for at least 5 years. For a good reason. There are better books.

Deep Storm is well written, well paced, and while reading it also rather interesting. Unfortunately, I will have forgotten all about it before I finish the next book. It’s good entertainment for the moment but utterly forgettable. Which, honestly, is not really a particularly bad thing for a mystery thriller. I would have a hard time to reproduce the plot of any of Cussler’s novels (the specific novel’s plot, not the general recipe). Yet I enjoyed them.

In the end, there was one issue raised that, maybe, sticks a little longer. How do you secure a nuclear waste dump site or weapons cache for the millennia to come? The stuff may be dangerous for such a long time that you cannot assume members of the future civilization will be able to decipher our current language. How do you warn them of the imminent danger, how do you protect them from more serious harm?