Read: The Traitor Queen

The concluding novel of Trudi Canavan’s the Traitor Spy Trilogy, the Traitor Queen, is much better and more enjoyable than the predecessor The Rogue.

As expected, the ‘new girl’ has become one of the main protagonists. Even though she and the novel do not feel as vivid to me as (the protagonist of) Canavan’s first Magicians trilogy, she is well developed and the story plot moves on at a good pace.

The main reason for me liking this book better than the one before is, however, that it is much closer to my original expectations to read about wizardry, battles, maybe diplomatic issues, and covert operations.

While reading the Traitor Queen I had a few deja vu moments. Either the story plot was too transparent and I anticipated too much, or I felt too much reminded of Canavan’s very good The Magician’s Apprentice. Its plot shares much of the same geography and a major war event. Both may hint at a certain lack of or decline in originality.