Read: The Elements of Eloquence

That’s how a book should be: Entertaining, instructive, to the point.

I had to force myself to read Forsyth’s The Elements of Eloquence in two sittings, otherwise I would have finished it in one go, in just one evening. That’s how much I enjoyed it.

In 39 brief chapters, to whole book is just 205 pages long, Forsyth defines and demonstrates 39 different rhetorical moves using examples from the Classics (often Shakespeare) and modern authors that can turn an ordinary piece of prose and poetry into a perfect, memorable phrase. Of course, he applies the respective rhetoric principle himself in each of the chapters, in an inconspicuous way. Hence, discovering it contributes to the enjoyment and serves as a kind of comprehension test.

The only negative feature of the book is the sometimes forced transition to the next chapter, to the next rhetoric move. Each chapter ends with an example for the next topic that also, somehow belongs to the current one.

That notwithstanding, Forsyth’s blog made it into my feed reader. I want to read more of this.