Not Read: Absolution Gap

It is very, very rare that I do not finish a book. But Reynold's Absolution Gap has to be put away. I just can't take it any more.

It's long. It's a huge tome. It's slow. The story crawls at a snails pace. It's three books in one and I care only for one of the three plots.

I have started to read this book years ago. And I have stopped. And picked it up again. And stopped. The story moves so painstakingly slow, it fails to arrest my attention for more than a couple of pages. Most of the characters are, I don't know what, uninteresting. And, of course, the narrative jumps from one plot (or timeline) to the other. Is there no straight forward story telling any more?

If there was only a simple way to find all the segments that belong to the one plot that I find interesting I would read it and skip the rest. Unfortunately, the typography of my copy does not allow this. I would be more or less forced to speed-read through the boring stuff. I do not think it's worth the effort. Hence, now half-way through I put Absolution Gap down and will not pick it up again.