Read: Fifty Degrees Below

In for a penny in for a pound. Despite not having been overly enthusiastic about the prequel Forty Signs of Rain I continued Kim Stanley Robinson’s science fiction series on science, politics, and climate change. This happens when you (that is I) buy all books of a series before even starting to read the first. And yes, I know what sunk costs are. Maybe I am just curious whether things improve.

Some did. Some did not.

There is less of the insights in US academics and science administration. I would have liked to read more of it. This was what drove me to pick up the next volume of the series. There is less of the annoying anti-economics, anti-markets vibe. Though the author’s attitude is still obvious I consider this an improvement. The main character – although every person from the first novel still appears there is now a clear main character what results in fewer switches in perspectives (good!) – is very strange; completely, absolutely not credible. The whole book I was wondering why, why is this guy doing this? Consequently there was no connection at all. I, as the reader, felt as an outside observer constantly shaking my head. This killed most of the potential enjoyment.

Hence, when I am going to pick up book number three I hope the see, maybe, another protagonist and more science.