Read: A Memory of Light

Maybe I have just out-grown the Wheel of time series (like, I fear, Card’s Ender series) over the last years. Maybe it really just turned worse over time, or maybe it was the unfortunately forced change of authors.

While I think I still mostly enjoyed A Memory of Time, the final volume of the Wheel of Time’s conclusion, it also felt a bit like work. I am more relieved than sad that there will be no further sequel.

Of course, it is no easy task to bring a 14 volume fantasy saga to a satisfying end. It’s even harder if your are not the original authors but just some young fellow who got some notes and was commissioned to finish it. Therefore, it would be nice to know how much of this endless drag, layman philosophy, and moral cudgel has to be attributed to Jordan and how much to Sanderson.

All the protagonists felt a bit out-of-character. Or was this character development, their final maturation? There were certainly a few inconsistencies with their behavior and experiences. There are unnecessary attempts at creating suspense. This is the conclusion, no need to create new mysteries, indeed, it would have been nice to see all former mysteries not just somehow resolved but also explained to the reader.

So in the end, I am happy that is over but I am not quite satisfied with it.