Read: Treasure of Khan

It’s just a matter of knowing the secret of all writing serial novels: At the end of the book everything is back to normal.

A little bit too long (600 pages that could have been 400, maybe 500) and a few parts a bit too forced, just included because they have become part of the author’s signature and the character has to be mentioned to make the story ‘complete’. Otherwise, Treasure of Khan is good entertainment and a necessary balance to the other books on my reading list…

Two things I noticed. Again: Cussler should write history-adventure novels. I really like the preludes. For the first time (maybe he did it before and I did not notice): An interesting stylistic device to create more momentum and intensify the plot. While the earlier chapters stay in the same context and the reader stays with the same protagonists, later chapters switch between scenes and characters more frequently. Interesting does not, however, imply that I liked it particularly. It may have been an unintended consequence of squeezing in one more of the Cussler-novel usual characters.