Read: The Final Sacrament

It has been a while since I have read a history novel. So I don’t know whether it is rather the genre or the specific book: I almost put Forrester’s The Final Sacrament away before I forced myself through the novel.

It did not really manage to hold my attention. The many very brief chapters invited to put the book down even after the briefest reading bouts. The main protagonist – even though an interesting character – was hard to relate to, and the story was mostly slow paced. Only during the last third does the novel gain some momentum. Yet, even the then gory and raunchy plot variations did not really succeed in making the novel more compelling.

The ending – not a happy one which is fine with me – was also disappointing. Just because the protagonist is caught in between two political factions that define themselves by their affiliation to different flavors of the christian religion, just because he himself is a pious man there was no need for the following the voice and walking into the light cliche. Given the earlier gore and desperation a simple death, comfortless and dreary, would have been much more fitting.