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Despite its title James Rollins’ Altar of Eden is not even close to the religiously themed novels of Dan Brown and others. It is a science thriller, an action adventure, no supernatural mysteries here.

Rollins is a seasoned writer and there is very little about the novel that I did not like. The pre-story is too short. It should have been much longer, going into greater depth (Cussler seems to have found a good length for his setting of the stage), or it shouldn’t be there at all. There is also one sub-plot and its villain, in particular the villain, that I am not fond of. The sub-plot adds nicely to the character building of the heroine. The re-appearance of the sub-plots villain, however, is too much of a coincident and it does not add anything to the entertainment value of the novel.

That said, the novel was highly entertaining, gripping as a thriller should be.