Read: Shadow's Edge

Novel two in Brent Weeks’ Night Angel Trilogy continues where novel one stopped. Unfortunately the story’s plot becomes more predictable. After killing off one of the what the reader must have thought to be major characters right at the beginning there are (almost) no real surprises any more.

Weeks sticks to his rather rough writing style and stereotypical female figures. While this matched somehow the content of the first novel, here in the second novel the fit between content and style is considerably less well. The context changed, the protagonists are supposed to have developed past their original selves, and new characters with a different background, much more refined, are introduced. The writing style should have adapted more to these changes. Obvious plot twists do not help either. Thus my first enthusiasm is kind of dampened.

There was one silver lining though. I really liked the king’s speech before the big battle. Here was one move that I did not foresee. And more importantly, the speech felt ‘right’. In contrast to many dialogs the speech seemed real. Finally, here is (the?) one character that is really developed well. His past and his actions match. This helps a lot with his credibility and the credibility of the respective sub-plot. Let’s see what novel three will bring.