Read: Polar Shift

I hate it when some sloppy editing bereaves me of enjoying an otherwise good novel.

I do not think that Polar Shift would get the WAS seal of approval. While freak waves are a fact, inducing a polar shift by directing some electromagnetic fields to a “weak spot” on ocean is most certainly not. Yet, that is not what I meant with sloppy editing. It’s part of the story’s plot. A necessary device to allow the hero to not just save the damsel in distress but to save the whole world from Armageddon.

Sloppy editing manifests in repeating specific words or phrases several times, be at the “cantankerous” whatever or a description that is first used by the narrator and then by one of the novel’s characters just a few pages later. Sloppy editing is also transliterating an umlaut in one name so that Schröder becomes Schroeder, keeping the umlaut in one word, e.g. “Leigerkapitän” but not in all other words like names of places like Kitzbühel, Austria. Admittedly this is just some minor inconsistency and oversight. Still it tells a lot about how authors and editor cared.

Luckily everything else is ok. The standard stereotypes work just fine and the novel is well paced.

The Kurt Austin novels have always a “moral” or “good cause” as part of their background story. This time it is (the fight against) globalization and evil elites that concentrate power by controlling information flows. Not too original. Though it fits the “just fine” overall impression.