Read: Black Wind

I just noticed, it is more than a year ago that I have read a Dirk Pitt novel (and more than half a year ago that I read any Cussler novel). I used to read them in a more rapid succession. Visiting more bricks and mortar book stores seems to help with diversifying my readings a little bit.

Black Wind continues the slight change in the general tone of the Dirk Pitt novels. There is less explicitly described violence and more intelligence gathering. I guess this is a result of the co-authorship with Cussler’s son. Cussler senior just turned eighty. It would not be a big surprise if much of “his” writing nowadays is actually done by his co-authors and he just is the brand mark that signals what the reader will get. Yet, there are still plenty of moments that are pure Cussler senior, e.g. many of the dialogs between Dirk Pitt and his colleague and brother in arms Al Giordino. Though not especially of extraordinary high-literature quality they are one ingredient that made the Dirk Pitt series such a long running success.

Thus, there is definitely no reason to stop reading Cussler now…