Upgrade & Changes

This weekend I finally upgraded the CMS from Drupal 6.something to 7.2. Drupal 7 seems stable enough now and I may migrate all my Drupal sites to the new version over the next few weeks.

Here, I tried to keep everything as close as possible to the earlier look & feel – the layout template changed quite substantially and I will certainly apply a few further changes to the CSS.

There are, however, also some more or less intentional changes.

I substituted the internal comments system by Disqus in the hope of a better integration with social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Anonymous comments are disabled. Without registering for an additional account here, comments can now be left using an existing Disqus, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, or OpenID account. Let’s see how this works out.

Less intentional is the current lack of a tag cloud. The corresponding module seems not to work right now.