Read: The Sign

Given Raymond Khoury’s earlier books The Last Templar and The Sanctuary, The Sign is surprisingly secular. It still features a religious theme: A mysterious sign heralding impending doom. Yet, there is nothing really mysterious or rather mystical about it. It is part of an elaborate scheme to alert mankind to the dangers of global warming. At least, that were the original intentions of some of the involved people. So, the plot is ok, and the author’s agenda pretty clear. The do-gooder theme gets a bit laid on thick after the first half of the novel, though. This is one of the two things that may interfere with a pleasant reading experience. The second disruptive factor is the not-really-credible protagonist: An ex-con turned hero. He gets shot, endures the pain, manages to perform some super secret agent stunts, and – of course – conforming to all cliches, gets the girl in the end.

Still, the book was enjoyable. The first part much more so than the last.