Read: White Death

A few years ago I read my first Cussler novel, the first instance of the NUMA files series, Serpent. I rather liked that one as far a I can remember. Yet, after the first few NUMA novels I switched to the Dirk Pitt adventures with the intention to read the Cussler novels in their chronological order. The Dirk Pitt novels really got me hooked. Now it was finally time for another NUMA files novel. Even though their are many parallels – the main characters are a two man hero team working for the same marine agency – this one feels definitely different.

The main characters are a parody of their own stereotypes. The dialogs are just a collection of more or less funny one-liners that may be great for an action movie but not necessarily for a book and I have the feeling that the facts are more bent than usual. Or, the authors (it’s co-authored with Paul Kemprecos) are just more sloppy because they themselves get bored with their same old routine as the novel follows their standard recipe. Apart from that the writing is, of course, as competent as always and when you set your standards a little lower – after all, Cussler is not really literature – you may actually enjoy this novel.