Read: The Ice Limit

Ice Limit is one of the few non-Pendergast novel by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. They seem to have specialized in mystery novel that allude often to the supernatural. Ice Limit is, however, more closely linked to science fiction. First, its all about a meteorite; more specifically a possibly interstellar meteorite. Something that is extremely unlikely. In the end, the object of interest is even considered a proof of Panspermia, establishing a strong link to science fiction. Also the feats of ingenious engineering, a lot of the story is about moving an extremely heavy object (the meteorite), is more typical of a science fiction novel than a thriller.

Nevertheless, there is murder, mayhem, corruption, secrecy, a kind of villain – though he is actually an honest citizen with a lot of conviction and loyalty to his country and family – and a kind of good guy. The novel breaks with some stereotypes rendering it slightly more interesting.

On the other hand, the novel does not really deliver what is advertised on its back. The mysterious meteorite is much less mysterious. The flawless expedition is far from flawless. And the frightening truth is not about the meteorite, as implicated, but about human tragedy. Yet, thanks to the well honed skills of Preston & Child the novel is still entertaining; good material for the nightstand.