Read: The Lost Labyrinth

Here is one that is not part of a series. Not given how the book ends. Wrong.

As a rule I collect some information about the author before I buy a book. Usually to make sure that I buy and read the first book of a series first – if the book I want to to read happens to belong to a series. OK, this time I obviously did not do my homework. Will Adams’ The Lost Labyrinth is the third and most recent novel in a series of three books that share the same protagonist. I have to admit I did not notice nor did I suspect that The Lost Labyrinth is part of a series. This speaks in favor of the book and Adams.

The Lost Labyrinth is one of those – here nice and well written – mystery thrillers where the protagonists belong to a certain academic circle; here it is archaeologists. The story is embedded in some well known historical myths and facts. Adams may be a little too ambitious in trying to link several historical myths and facts at the same time: Atlantis, the Golden Fleece, and Minos’ Labyrinth. On the upside, realism in fictional works like this one is often sacrificed in order to increase the suspense and make the protagonist more hero-like, not here. All the fights and villainous acts feel rather real and befitting.

Even though I rather enjoyed the book I am not quite sure yet whether I will read the first two installments of Adams’ heroic archaeologist…