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It is curious how one little detail can spoil a whole story. If it was not for this one little detail Cussler’s Valhalla Rising would be a really good and entertaining novel. It still is, of course. I liked the references to Jules Verne. I kind of liked the ending when the hero finally gets to know his offspring. A family moment that, in the end, will keep the series going on even when Pitt, sen. retires.

Yet, I really hate that science fiction crossover. Dirk Pitt novels are about adventure, a little mystery, bringing down the villain, marine science, and the invincible womanizing hero himself. Though often the plot, some elements of the plot, are quite a stretch everything stays within what is currently (almost) possible. The odds of some of the events may be astronomical, the technology is state of the art — not something far beyond current technology. But please, teleportation? This really spoils everything. Especially, if the technology is used for one thing and subsequent explanations for why teleporting living beings is not possible are totally bogus given the explanation for what is done with the non-animate matter. Cussler, stick to your last.