Read: Atlantis Found

My problem with Cussler’s Dirk Pitt novels is that even though they all follow the same basic structure I cannot stop reading them. And as long as there are still some unread volumes on my bookshelves there is no reason to – except of course that I also like some diversity.

Atlantis Found invokes two different opinions in me. First, it is once again a superb, tantalizing adventure. Second, Cussler becomes too practiced. There are some phrases you have to read more often than you would like them to read in one single novel. There are a few plot elements that appear too often in this series and that hurt the credibility of its characters. Luckily, Clussler also breaks with some of his traditional story elements in Atlantis Found and thus introduces a new twist. Finally, the series' protagonists mature. Their social relations change what may open the door for new developments.