Read: A Deadly Indifference

This third novel by Marshall Jevons, that is the economists William Breit and Kenneth G. Elzinga, is the book that actually got me hooked to this series. This was the book that was recommended to me last year. Yet, since I like to read a series of books in their order I read Murder at the Margin and Fatal Equilibrium first. There was no need to do so. The three books are independent and to read and enjoy any one of them does not require the knowledge of any of the other two.

A Deadly Indifference is in my opinion the best of the three novels. The story is tantalizing, well written and structured. The authors first build up the background, introduce all protagonists, and than already well into the novel describe a truly shocking event: the unveiling of a murder. Though the culprit is rather nicely identified by the application of economic principles the mystery is not over yet as there is another twist.

The description of economic principles that is intertwined in all thee Jevons' novels seems here less blunt – and it was never really blunt to start with in the other two novels – and seems more easy to follow, more easy to connect to what is actually happening, and more credible.

If you want to read any of the economic detective / mystery novels start with this one. It is a pity that we cannot expect a fourth installment.