Read: A second chance at Eden

During the late 90s Peter F. Hamilton published his Night’s Dawn trilogy. A rather dark space opera where humanity is segregated into two major groups characterized by their different technology and personal enhancements and the resulting societal organization.

A second chance at Eden is a collection of some good and some not as good short stories that depict some steps from our world today, or let’s better say tomorrow to the fictional universe of the trilogy. Hamilton shows how advances in technology and space travel may transform society but not necessarily man. His work is sometimes Utopian, sometimes Dystopian.

I really liked the trilogy. This book, however, leaves me a little bit torn. I was somewhat lost after one of the otherwise nicer stories, candy buds. Who the heck is Rubus? Ok, I may have read the book too fast and cursorily. Nevertheless, in my opinion it’s always the authors' fault if the reader is lost or does not get the point.