Read: Inca Gold

It is already two months since my last Clive Cussler novel. Given the backlog on my to-read-shelves I should read one Cussler novel per month so that I will get a new truck load of books as presents this December. Yet, there are so many other books. Luckily there are some weekends when I have more time to read than otherwise. Easter weekend is one of these relaxing reading weekends. It’s really nice to spend all day sitting in the garden enjoying the sun and reading an enthralling novel.

Inca Gold is another of Cussler’s Dirk Pitt adventures. And this time it’s a real treasure hunt as a second party is also searching for the old Inca’s Gold. As most times there is a little (accurate – at the time) political background information. I really was pleasantly surprised to find the Shining Path who are mentioned in the book also mentioned in this week’s Economist. So Cussler really does a little research for his tantalizing novels to inflict some knowledge on his readers.

I guess by now I am already used to the sometimes rather brutal violence in Cussler’s novels. There are a few inevitable deaths. Though, this time I was not as repelled by them as when reading some of the earlier Cussler novels. Indeed, they felt kind of right.

Since this novel was rather absorbing, more than Sahara I think, I wonder why they did not adapt this book for film instead of Sahara.