Read: Riptide

After having gotten a little disappointed by the last Pendergast novels of the author duo Preston and Child I started to read their non-Pendergast work. Give them a second chance so to speak. And indeed I felt reasonably well entertained. So now, about half a year and one relocation later I read the next book on the Preston and Child shelf (ok, it’s only part of a shelf, one of my to-read shelves). Riptide is more an adventure story than a science thriller. And therefore is already different from the other Preston and Child novels I have read so far. There is a little romance, just a little though. And there are a few violent deaths, yet you never feel like the gore is dripping from the pages. The story is well paced and, of course, all the mysteries have a scientific explanation. All in all the book is quite absorbing.

Consequently, I mostly enjoyed reading it. However, one tiny little thing kept irritating me. The authors refer to their protagonist interchangeably by his first or his last name. There was no clear pattern. It was not like when they were talking about more personal or emotional things that they would switch to the first name or when they wanted to introduce more objectivity they would use his last name. No. Absolutely no pattern. I guess most people would not notice but as I said I felt a bit irritated. It seemed like the authors followed the ill-advised journalists' / writers' rule: Do not bore the reader by using the same word twice.