It's things like that

I like Erfurt. The university drives me nuts, however. The last few years rooms and dates for the exams were assigned at the beginning of the term. Not this winter. Oh, dates were stilled fixed and published in the university calendar at the beginning of the term. Not the rooms. And, of course, everybody (the professors that is, or, in lieu of the professors their secretaries) has to ask for a suitable room or two for the exams. Nobody told us. Since this is the first time that they did not assign the rooms when they fixed the dates you may have noticed rather late that you still do not have enough room. That for the exam you were stuck in a cubbyhole instead of a lecture hall.

So, this is what happened. My secretary fells ill (or one of her kids), and then she is under maternity protection before she took care of the rooms. The university does not even care about a replacement. They never tell you about any replacements, anyway. And I got four different secretaries during my three year stint here. I could live with not being told who the replacement is. But now, they don’t even care for a replacement. I leave in a few months.

So now, I have no secretary and a room too small for every student having a place at a table. Let alone a table of her own so that they are not tempted to cheat. And, what does the administration tell me? There is no other room at the time of the exam. None. Not in the whole university. Bollocks!

It’s things like that why I started to apply for a position elsewhere. I pity the students.