Change: An Outlook

After a year’s worth of blogging or rather keeping track what I have been reading it’s time for a change.

First and most obvious, I switch from German to English. The reason is simple. My work environment will change in a few weeks and English will – once again – become my working language. Before my stint here in Erfurt, I worked at a Max Planck Institute. Slightly more international an environment than the University of Erfurt where I had only once the opportunity to teach a pure English course. Most other interaction with students and colleagues were in German. So, it’s finally time to improve my English skills again.

The move will be the second change that will have some impact, I guess, on my blog here. I will stop contributing to Erfurtblog. It just does not make any sense to blog about Erfurt related topics when I am living in Bremen. Consequently, the posting frequency here may increase and the topics may become more diverse. Yet, there are still some books I need / want to keep track of…

Finally, I just activated a typographical add-on for drupal and changed the CSS a bit modifying the layout of this blog slightly. I am not quite sure yet whether I will stick to these tiny changes. There may be additional changes in the future, possibly even more radical than merely altering the text flow.